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Wondering why do you need sales force automation software?

No more calls to check whereabouts of your team. Check on the map instantly.

Send unlimited messages to your team mates, free of cost.

Our beat-plan layouts the daily schedule to follow by your teams.

Our system will automatically fill most of the visit details e.g. location, address, etc.

Integrate with your current ERP/CRM and automate most of the reporting.

Automatically selects the fastest route between meetings. Saves time and money.

One Application

One application manages all on-field processes. Available on iOS and Android.

  • Staff Location Tracking
  • Attendance and Time-Sheet
  • Job Scheduling / Beat Plan

Best Field Force Automation Features

Route Distance Calculator

No more disputes on how much your executive travels in a day. If you reimburse your staff on the basis of distance traveled than this feature will save you a ton of money.

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Route Optimisation

Need to visit a few clients but you have no idea what should be the best route? TeamSpoor uses an advance algorithm to calculate the best route depending upon the traffic conditions to save your time and money.

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Get a seven days free trial to judge whether we are suitable for your needs or not. Once, decided upgrade your account as pay-as-you-go, i.e., no long term commitment.

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We only charge for number of tracked users and managers/admins are free.

  • Image Upload
  • Signature Capture
  • Beat Plan
  • Time-Sheet & Attendance
  • API Access
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