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Best Alternative to Cratio CRM
With Advanced Field Force Management

Looking for an easy to use and affordable CRM system than Cratio CRM? One Platform, Every Business Tool. Sales & Service CRM Built For Small Business.

Customers Love The ZNICRM
ZNICRM Dashboard

Lead Management With Automation

With you can automate all your task e.g., Lead capturing from multiple sources, marketing (i.e, send offers, automate followups), payment collection & then upselling.
Capture Leads From Any Source
Contact Management
1. Capture Leads
Capture leads from any source automatically like Facebook, GoogleAds, Indiamart, Justdial, Website, WhatsApp etc.
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Marketing Automation
2. Automate Marketing
Send regular offers & followup to leads via Email, SMS & WhatsApp automatically based on rule sets your business needs.
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3. Send Quotes & Invoice
Send quotes & invoices to your customers & collect the payment in a click through any payment gateway.
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Helpdesk & Ticketing
4. Close Sales & Analyse
Analyse different reports and close more sales. Which lead source is profitable, which sales agent is best performing.
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360° Solution For Lead Management

is not like other CRMs in the market that ends at lead management. We offer many more tools to help your business grow.

Lead Generation

You get the website traffic but no conversions? Our Engage tool will get you to get 80% more conversions.
Employee Management

Deal Management

Manage all your deals in a single place, customer wise, account wise or product wise.
Field Force Management

Sales Tracking

Track your sales in seconds. Create custom reports or use one of the 90+ reports available.
Sales Tracking

All in one CRM Solution
Unlike Cratio CRM, manage complete customer's lifecycle with CRM tools for Marketing, Sales & Support.

Save Money
Sales CRM
Business runs on sales and to get the best conversion rate, every business needs a Customer Relationship Management software to get the most out of the leads received.
Global Access For Users
Marketing CRM
Sales is not a single interaction process. You will need to cultivate the relationship with your leads. Intueri re-marketing automation helps to solve the biggest marketing problem.
Get Free CRM
Support CRM
Generating revenue from an existing customer is much easier than getting it from a new customer but it needs a proper support to the customer. Support solution comes free with Intueri CRM.
 Cratio CRM
 Plan comparison based on their CRM plan with standard $10/user or above pricingComparison based on our Infinity plan
User & Roles Management
Unlimited Users
Lead Management
Lead Profiling
Lead Distribution
Lead Management
Daily Digest
File Storage
Custom Forms
Invoicing & Quotes
Custom Taxes
Inventory Management
Purchase Orders
Marketing Automation
Bulk SMS Campaign
Bulk Email Campaign
Drip Marketing
Lead Generation
Ticketing Solution
Ticketing Solution
Custom Domain
Task Scheduler
Contact Forms

How is better than Cratio CRM?

They may be a bigger brand but we are bigger supporter of your business. works with you and for you.

ZNICRM is super affordable for any size of business with a flat rate pricing unlimited number of users. Yes, you don't have to pay on the basis of number of users you have in your organisation.

Any business be it a small startup or an enterprise can easily use our CRM without worrying about the dent in their bank account.

Feature Rich

There is not a single feature, which our competitors can claim that it is unique to them.

We have every feature in-built and building more on more on our customer's request with a flat pricing. You shouldn't pay exclusively for a feature, which is available for everyone.

Fast & Secure

Working with our CRM is breeze and fully secure.

Unfortunately, we can't say that we are not hackable or there will not be any downtime but what we try is to give you upto 99.9% of uptime and data reliability.


Customisation a CRM based on your requirement is bare-minimum requirement of a software if it wants to be a CRM.

We understand that every customer has a different requirement and based on that we have built our CRM so that every aspect of it can be customised.


Create as many users you want and juggle their licenses as per your needs.

Even if you buy just 5 licenses, you can create unlimited number of users, however, only 5 can use the CRM at a time.


Easy is the synonym of .

We didn't want our own employees to waste their time to learn how to use a CRM then how could we expect it from you. You can up and running within 30 seconds and no configurations are required to get started.

Mobile Friendly

Our CRM is 100% mobile browser friendly.

You can use the CRM on any device and it will give you similar experience as the desktop. So you are not limited with basic features, which generally available on a Mobile App.

24x7 Support

If you need our support then we are here for you. Be it trial user or as a paid customer.

We are available round the clock on ZipCall and on ticket based support. You can also call us on our direct number as a paid customer.


We are not a fly-by-night operator. It is not because we are just saying it but our experience proves it.

ZNI Wireless Pvt Ltd, was incorporated in year 2009 and providing SaaS solutions since then. With over 12 years of experience in running high volume SaaS products we can ensure you that your data is in good hands.

Special Offer
For Limited Period

All the features, unlimited contacts & per user pricing. Don't let the offer expire.

Unlimited tools to manage your business right from a single CRM tool. Check plan details...

Per User

$ 10
Start small with all the essential tools. All features, per-user pricing.


$ 199 /mo
Plan for growing business with all the tools. Simple unlimited user pricing.

All the essential tools to run your business smoothly...

20+ CRM Tools For Business

Best CRM tools for your business to run all key processes from sales to marketing & support to invoicing & inventory.
ZNI CRM Features

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about

If you couldn't find answer to your question below then feel free to contact us from here.

You will get unlimited number of user licenses for CRM. For other features the licenses are limited based on the plan. All plans comes free with Marketing automation, lead management, email & sms marketing support.

Yes, every user you want to give access to CRM data will require a CRM license. You must explicitly assign the license to the user.

Our CRM license have access to all the features like Helpdesk, Invoicing, Marketing Automation etc. It is upto you to whom you want to give access for which feature.

We have fixed cost plans, i.e., you pay once and add as many as users you want, unlike other CRMs which, charge you on per user basis.

ZNICRM is undoubtedly offers the cheapest CRM plan. Have you found any other company, which is offering cheaper CRM plan than this. We offer the cheapest CRM plan in the world!

It depends on the size of your organisation and the number of licenses you have. If you are on a yearly plan with minimum of 10 licenses or on a monthly plan with 100+ licenses then there is no extra charges for integration of popular third party tools. Otherwise, it would cost you from $50/hr of work.

You can create up to 5000 contacts per user in our Standard CRM plan. There is no limit of contacts you can create in our unlimited plans.

Free Stuff is a myth. You either pay in currency or with your data. We believe data privacy is must and shouldn't be compromised with. Hence, while we do offer affordable plans, we do not provide free plans.

About Cratio CRM!

CRM platforms like Cratio CRM are designed to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes. They offer tools for lead management, sales automation, customer support, and analytics to help businesses enhance customer relationships and drive growth.

Best Competitors & Alternatives Of Cratio CRM

Feeling like Cratio CRM is expensive & lacks many features? Here are some alternatives & biggest competitors of Cratio CRM.

ZNICRM is an affordable CRM that is easy to use and offers a variety of features, including lead management, marketing automation, and employee tracking. Some of the important points are that ZNICRM is affordable, has a variety of features, and is easy to use.

Check about ZNICRM


Salesforce is a powerful CRM platform that unifies marketing, sales, service, commerce, and IT for a complete customer view. Its AI-driven analytics, customizable processes, and scalability support businesses of all sizes. Salesforce's emphasis on learning through Trailhead offers free training and community engagement, further enhancing its value.

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HubSpot is a scalable customer platform that integrates marketing, sales, service, content management, operations, and commerce. This connected ecosystem helps businesses attract, engage, and delight customers while improving operational efficiency. HubSpot is known for its user-friendliness, extensive integrations, and focus on helping businesses grow.

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Zoho offers a vast suite of cloud-based business tools covering CRM, accounting, HR, support, and more, designed to streamline operations and boost growth. Their wide range of applications, focus on privacy, and customer-centric approach make Zoho attractive for businesses of all sizes.

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Zoho Bigin

Bigin by Zoho is an affordable, user-friendly CRM built for small businesses. It streamlines customer operations (ditch the spreadsheets!), manages sales & support, and boosts collaboration. Their mobile-friendly platform offers 360° customer views and automation tools to improve lead conversion, retention, and revenue growth.

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CRM platforms like Cratio CRM are designed to streamline sales, marketing, and customer service processes. They offer tools for lead management, sales automation, customer support, and analytics to help businesses enhance customer relationships and drive growth.

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Bitrix24 is a free, all-in-one workspace aiming to replace multiple SaaS tools. It offers CRM, project management, HR, automation, and more on a single platform. Unlimited users and easy data migration make it attractive. Bitrix24 integrates with popular apps and serves over 12 million organizations globally.

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Kapture CX is an AI-powered enterprise customer support platform offering omnichannel solutions customized for industries like travel and retail. It prioritizes personalized service through features like contact centers, live chat, self-service, and advanced analytics. Kapture aims to streamline support operations, empower teams, and enhance the overall customer experience.

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Pipedrive is a user-friendly sales CRM built for small to medium-sized businesses. It offers a visual sales pipeline, customizable fields, automation, and reporting to streamline processes and boost sales performance. Pipedrive integrates with various apps and is known for its ease of setup and focus on increasing productivity.

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Kylas CRM helps growing businesses scale. Its user-friendly platform offers unlimited users, customizable pipelines, strong lead management, and robust security. Kylas boosts team collaboration and sales effectiveness, making it a popular choice for efficient growth.

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LeadSquared streamlines sales & marketing for high-growth businesses. It automates workflows, manages leads, and offers omnichannel communication for call centers, field sales, and more. This comprehensive CRM helps businesses optimize sales & marketing efforts.

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CentraHub CRM provides customizable CRM and HCM solutions to streamline processes across industries. It aims to boost market responsiveness in marketing, sales, and service. Additionally, CentraHub's HCM suite offers workforce management, payroll, recruitment, and more to help businesses adapt to change.

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Freshworks offers user-friendly, powerful CRM & service tools designed for easy customer engagement. Focus on simplicity and affordability makes them a strong contender, but evaluate your needs to ensure a perfect fit.

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