Deals Management To Create Sales Pipeline

Get the clear picture of your potential buyers by creating deals. Deals are potential sales (revenue), which can be generated from a customer.
Deals will help you to understand your sales pipeline for the future by
  • Predicting the closure dates
  • Performance based on Won or Lost deals
  • Providing customer's turn around time.
  • and more...
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Sales Pipeline
Deals Management

Building sales pipeline will give you an easy way to understand your future revenue at any particular month or day.

In simple terms a deal is a revenue opportunity from the client. You can create multiple or repeated deals for customers with expected revenue & closure date.

This will ensure better conversions and also gives clear picture to your sales team about their targets.

Build Your Sales Funnel With Deals

Manage deal parameters, create proposals & quotes. With deals you can execute workflows around deals to properly define the goals.
Unlimited Deals
Understand Customer Journey

Create a deal for every product/invoice. Single dashboard to check all deals & to get Customer LTV.

Accurate Sales Forecast
No More Guess Work

Get accurate sales forecast figures based on the deals closing date.

Sales Team Performance
Evaluate Productivity

Get average turnaround time, deal value, won vs lost performance and other analytics to judge performance.

Automate Marketing
Based On Open Deals

Customer not responding after initial response? Automate marketing for them based on Deal status and value.

All the essential tools to run your business smoothly...

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