File Manager

How do you keep customer's digital documents? In your PC's drive or on cloud? How much time it would take to retrieve them?
is simple to use tool to keep all the digital documents of the customer's in a single place and retrieve them in a jiffy.
  • 1 GB Storage/User
  • User Based Access
  • Share Documents With Others
  • Full Backup
  • and more...
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$ 5
per user, billed monthly
File Manager
File Manager
There are tons of documents you send to customers and they reply back, including KYC documents, proposal, RFP etc. Keep them at a single place with in built file manager for every user.

Keep Customer's Documents In One Place

Don't juggle around your email, digital-drives & your hard-disk to find the customer's documents.
One Storage
Keep Everything In A Place

Open the customer's profile and upload or access any documents you have created for them. No more hours spent searching them.

Ample Space
Generous File Storage

Get 1GB free storage space per user. You can also upgrade the storage at nominal price of $1/GB per month.

Fast & Secure
Access Control

You can define who could access this data in your organisation. Admins will always have the access for the storage.

Create Image Gallery
Upload Images

System can create an image gallery to be used in templates & mailers from all the images uploaded in file manager.

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