Send Proposals To Your Customers In One Click

Do you remember how many proposals or revisions have you sent to your customer for a deal? With it is just one click away.
Send graphic rich & customised proposals to your customers by using templates or create your own on the fly. Some use cases are;
  • Travel Itinerary
  • Real Estate Proposal
  • Sales Presentation & Quote
  • Insurance Policy Details
  • and more...
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Send Customer Proposals
Create Proposals For Your Customers
Create unlimited proposals and link them to deals to easily access the information as and when you required.

A proposal is a written document provided to the client mentioning their requirements and your solution for that request. Every deal could have different proposal with different information based on the product.

Proposal Management For Deals

Document every interaction with your customers for proper paper trails.
Tour & Travel Agencies
Travel Itinerary

Send rich itinerary customised for every customer. Keep records based on package (deals).

Real Estate Brokers
Property Brochure

Every customer needs something different. Customise your brochures according to them.

Educational Institutes
Student Prospectus

Every course, college & student need different things & have separate fee structure. Build beautiful prospectus for them.

B2B Business
Business Proposals

Every deal has a different requirement & pricing. Customise and send the proposal in one click.

Create Documents On The Fly

Select the contact you want to send a proposal, drag and drop images, write pricing and send it.

Template Based

Create templates for yourself & your team and let them send proposal in one click.

Limitless Usage

Create itineraries, brochure or proposals. Use it for any purpose as you want.

Linked With Deals

Proposals can be linked to deals so that you will always know what you have quoted for which deal.


Update the proposal as and when you need and send it again in PDF format to the customer.

Secure & Fast

Send documents in PDF format right from the CRM to keep them secure and in format.

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