Automate Your Marketing

Give a personalised experience to your customers and increase efficiency by automating your marketing efforts.
helps you to communicate with your customers in the most efficient manner, without any human intervention.
  • Send Emails & SMS
  • Define Customer Journey
  • Send Personalised Messages
  • and more...
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Contact Management
Marketing Automation
Create email or SMS flows, which will automatically connect you with the customer on periodic basis. For example, you can create a flow to send tutorial via email on every alternate day with a new topic or a reminder to leads if they are not responding.

Convert More Leads Into Customers With Marketing Automation

Offer a complete customised experience to your customers
Send Bulk Emails

Run personalised email campaigns based on the lead stage or products interested in. Best ROI for any marketing activity.

Run SMS Campaigns

Run personalised SMS campaigns based on the lead stage or products interested in. Best open rate for any marketing activity.

Personalised Messages

Send greetings or wishes to your customers on their Birthday or Anniversary. More personalisation, more conversions.

Drip Campaigns

Set a schedule of mailers or SMS and run on daily basis e.g., Welcome mail on day 1, basic tutorial on day 2, etc.

Increase Efficiency

What would you prefer, sending mails daily manually to automatically? Automation saves times & improve efficiency.

Marketing Based On Sales

Stop doing marketing in the dark. Run campaigns based on the user interest and their chances of conversion.

Personalised Messaging

Nobody likes bombarded with mailers or SMS, which they are not interested in. Personalise your message based on customer profile.

Better Analytics

Whats the point of marketing if you can't judge the returns from it? Better reporting makes your marketing more effective.

Improved Lead Scoring

A customer who is interested in your product may respond to your marketing message faster. Score leads based on their interest & get more conversions.

Improved Conversions

Better leads gets you more conversions. Conversion is the whole point of marketing & personalising it, improves your chances many fold.

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