Your customers deserves a better support

Provide a self-serve support software to your customers. Let them create tickets via email or web and reply them from your CRM panel.

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Our Amazing Features

Get best features for your helpdesk to provide the best turn around time for your customer's queries.


Create knowledge-base of articles to let customers solve their problems themselves.


Let your customers create support request from a web panel and you can reply through it also.


Answer to frequently asked questions, so that users can get their reply before even asking you personally.

Make Your Customers Happy

With round the clock access to the knowledge-base and ticking system makes your customers feel important and they can solve their queries without waiting.

Easy to use knowledgebase, categorised by products.
Any time availability to support make your customers trust you more.
Faster turnaround time with web and email based ticketing.

Help Your Support Teams

With the ever growing development and innovation, it is hard to train your support executives with all the new features. But with our internal knowledge-base they will have all the information at their disposal anytime.

Train your support team with internal knowledge-base for better customer support.

Grow Fast, Without Worries

Grow your customer base and support team without worrying about the data security, infrastructure or the cost.

All our plans have unlimited user access licenses, i.e., instead of worrying about the cost with more users, just pay a flat fee per month.

Why Intueri Helpdesk

There are tons of Helpdesk service provider then why should you choose Intueri instead of any other provider?

One Platform

Our helpdesk software is tightly integrated with CRM and Invoicing system, which makes it robust and easy to use.

Save Cost

Flat pricing for unlimited number of users, makes it very cost effective. Grow your business not the operation costs.

Cloud Based

Our software is cloud based, which makes it secure, expandable, maintenance free and reachable from anywhere.

What Makes It Work

Helpdesk software is a necessity these days due to global user base, which pushes the business to provide 24x7 access to support to their customers.


Self Serve

User can access the answers through the knowledge-base and raise issues through tickets anytime.


Customers can provide feedback for bugs, features or to their experience with company.

Better Product

A productive feedback makes a better product and happy customer for recurring sales.

Frequently Asked Question

Have questions about our solution? Look at the answers to the most asked questions about the helpdesk software.

With our Premium plan you will get access to unlimited user licenses to our Helpdesk Software Suite. It includes, Ticketing, FAQs and Knowledge-base.

Yes, you can limit the access to helpdesk to your support department executives only or to some specified representatives.

Yes, they can create a support request from your helpdesk website. You will be provided with a website to publish knowledge-base and ticketing.

No, we will provide you a website to host your helpdesk system on it. You don’t need to invest on anything to run the helpdesk software.